Taking the Kids

Taking Andrea: My husband (Don), daughter (Andrea) and I had just moved from Groves, Texas to Seattle, Washington in 1987 when, through some miracle, Michigan State University was chosen for the Rose Bowl on New Year’s Day, 1988. We were in the same time zone, we had a 4 year old kid and Don’s boss had tickets to the game she didn’t want. This confluence of events was perfect timing to go to Disneyland, too! I finally was able to go on the rides I had missed out on when I was a teenager and loved every minute! Don and I discovered that the Peter Pan ride was an opportunity for some quick smooching and we have been fond of it ever since! We took Andrea on the beautiful Carousel just inside Fantasyland and tested her potential as the right-wise King of all England on the Sword in the Stone (the first Disney movie I remember seeing in the theater!) She wasn’t, by the way. We gleefully rode Dumbo and spun ourselves nearly sick on the Tea Cups. Andrea shyly met Mary Poppins and had her picture taken Mary and with many other characters that day. A new Disneyphile emerged in our family…

Taking Jonah: As a family, our vacations tended to revolve around going to Michigan (and other points Mid-West) to see extended family or were in conjunction with a business trip for Don. It came about that in June of 1996 Don had a convention in San Diego – just a hop and a skip away from Disneyland! It would be a first visit for our son, Jonah, who was six and a half. Don scheduled a free day so we could experience the park together. It was a long-ish drive up, but well worth it! This time, we were able to experience everything through Jonah’s eyes. It’s always fun to see a child experience Disney for the first time! There were new rides to encounter – most notably the Indiana Jones ride – which Jonah was just tall enough to go on, as well as others we didn’t try out because Andrea was too small the last time. I believe we hit the Matterhorn and Space Mountain on that trip – screaming all the way! We now were a solid block of four Disneyphiles…

Waiting for Indy


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