Spring Break 2009

We returned to Disneyland in March of 2009. One of Jonah’s oldest friends was in school in Pasadena and we thought a trip to California for Jonah’s Spring Break would help ease his pal’s homesickness. Not to mention feeding our need for all things Disney! Again we were without Andrea, as she was now married and in the veterinary medicine program at Washington State University. She and her husband were planning a late May trip that same year, though, so we gave them Park Hopper tickets for Christmas.  It was a good trip – we stayed in a hotel around the block from Disney California (a park we hadn’t visited before) so we were able to easily walk to the parks and back. Jonah, his friend, Kent, and other friends from Washington hung out together much of the time so Don and I were able to experience them as a couple for the first time ever. No meetings to attend, no receptions, no work at all! It really was great! We enjoyed the new (to us) California Adventure Park – Grizzly River Run and Soaring Over California were particular favorites, but my new all-time favorite Disney Ride is the Toy Story Mania ride. It’s like an old fashioned penny arcade with the Toy Story characters and an interactive interface that has you shooting at a gallery, tossing rings and other games to get a high score while on the ride. It by far had the longest lines, but I think we went on it 3 or 4 times! While in Anaheim, we discovered a short-cut into Downtown Disney (a “street” of retail shops and restaurants between the two parks) through the new Grand Californian Resort. This is a huge hotel built in the Arts & Crafts style and we fell in love with how beautiful it was. One time through, we sat in the lobby near the “walk-in” fireplace and enjoyed the ambiance while I kept thinking they would toss us out on our ears at any moment (they didn’t)! One of our non-Disney adventures was going to go see a couple of tapings of Jeopardy at the Sony Studios – it was amazing and more surreal than spending time at Disneyland! Being an audience member is free and I would recommend that anyone who is planning a trip to the area check out ticket availability while they are there (in advance – they run out quickly).

Don & I on the Flick's Flyers ride in "bugs' land"


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  1. La said,

    December 3, 2010 at 12:12 am

    I love reading your blog! Keep it going! I’m living vicariously through you!

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