First Day

I signed up for the 7:30 am power walk through Disney California and had discovered the night before that I had forgotten my sweatshirt jacket for the cool of the morning. Luckily, shops in Downtown are just steps away so I picked up a new one before returning to the room last night. No – it wasn’t on purpose! It was great walk – the park wasn’t open yet so we pep-stepped all through it avoiding maintenance vehicles and – oddly enough – cats. I saw three that call Disney Cali home and there are probably a lot more! the mousing must be good ….
Breakfast was at the Storytellers Cafe and I had my waffle-jones satisfied in a Disney way – Mickey shaped! (picture below) I was joined for a short while by a large bear, which was cool and somewhat creepy at the same time. After he left my table, he started doing something behind me that got the next table laughing and snapping pics …I’m afraid to even know! (pictures below)
Single Rider = AWESOME!
…at least for the rides that have them. there was a 30 minute wait for the Indiana Jones ride, but I was on the ride in about 4 minutes! That was very happy making! Thee wasn’t a single rider line for Pirates, but it was moving along pretty quickly. I met a family with several small children who invited me to join them and, as we talked, they offered to give me an annual a pass if I kept a couple of them … I turned them down. I *think* they were kidding….Disneyland was jammed – Saturdays are their busiest day – so I sauntered over to Disney Cali and took a single rider line into Soarin’ Over California and snagged a front row! Awesome!
Toy Story Mania was shut down for a while and when it re-opened, they weren’t using the single rider option (boo!) The line was long, but I stayed the course. It wasn’t a good line experience, though. I had a young couple ahead of me who kept “play wrestling” so I kept a bit of extra space between us to avoid being thumped. (about 18″) Behind me was another couple who constantly stepped on my heels and bumped into my backpack the entire 40 minute wait. I think when you are in a long line, you need to respect personal space to avoid annoying those around you. I was surrounded by people who didn’t subscribe to the same philosophy…BTW my score on the ride was 128,500 (it’s a 3-D virtual arcade), so there is plenty of room for improvement.
Don was able to return for dinner so we went into Downtown to search out sustenance. I was reluctant last night to go into one of the restaurants for a sit-down meal by myself, but all the menus looked amazing! We ended up going to the same place I went to last night except we went to the upstairs restaurant instead of the street bar. I had wonderful pasta with butternut squash and chicken – Don had been eating pretty much all day so he had a creamy white bean soup (had a taste – yummy!) The meals didn’t leave us feeling over-full so we ordered dessert, too. Don had a rice pudding with bits of caramelized sugar mixed into it and dried apricots on top (again, yummy!) I had a “deconstructed s’more” which was a roll-your-eyes-up-into-your-head gastronomical delight. I liked it. It was a piece of flourless chocolate cake with caramelized marshmallows (NOT Kraft!) and Graham cracker ice cream. OMG!
Don at Catal restaurant
We ended the evening by watching the fireworks from our balcony – even with a partially obstructed view of the show, there were still plenty of ooo’s and aaah’s. Nice!

The Happiest Breakfast on Earth


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