Day 3: Don & Shirley do Disney! (part one)

Hooray! Don took the day to be with me and hit the parks. We had a full day planned – from beignets at the Jazz Kitchen Express in Downtown to The Wonderful World of Color show at Disney’s California Adventure after the park closed. The parks weren’t near as crowded as they had been over the weekend – no surprise – and it was sunny and pleasant for Don’s park day. A good surprise!
We walked right into Buzz Lightyear’s ride – twice! and my score was higher than Don’s both times (not that I’m bragging…)!! There was also a short line for the Nemo Submarine ride which was cute, but I’d hate to have it break down and test my claustrophobia…

We're having more fun than it looks like...

We went on the Matterhorn – another short wait – and then to Dumbo, which had a little longer line, but it was a must! We checked on the Peter Pan ride (our favorite kissing ride!) and it had a long wait, so we headed over to Indiana Jones and pretty much flew right through the line. Yay! Of course we went on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride – how could we not?
Don & Shirley on the Dumbo ride

Ready to fly!

We caught a few more characters for photos and autographs: the Mad Hatter, Red Queen and Maleficent (evil queen from Sleeping Beauty) – an excellent poser! I didn’t get Alice’s autograph, though, as she was over run with little kids and it looks bad to knock little kids down…Again, there was no getting near Mickey.

We're not evil...

We checked again at Peter Pan, but no joy – too close to our lunch reservations at the Blue Bayou inside the Pirates ride. However, there was just enough time to breeze through the Indiana Jones ride – you can never ride that one too many times! We were seated near the bayou and were served a huge, over-priced albeit tasty meal. It’s all about atmosphere at the Blue Bayou and that was in abundance! Afterwards, we bit the bullet and stood in line for Peter Pan. At last!
Next, we headed back to the room to drop off our jackets (yay warmth!) and Don’s doggie bag – then hit Disney Cali…!

To be continued…


1 Comment

  1. Andrea said,

    December 12, 2010 at 7:44 am

    Did you have flamingly gay waiters at the Blue Bayou? Because ours were FABulous…
    Also: LOVE the evil queen pic 🙂

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