On this trip, I set about collecting autographs for the first time. Although I did not get very many, I had a great time meeting the characters who were all really wonderful! They must practice quite a bit – especially the ones with the over-sized heads on their costumes. Most of the characters that were allowed to speak (i.e. not in over-sized masks!) were surprised that I was allowing them to have an entire page for their signature. I can’t imagine making them try and scrawl on a shared page!
NOTE: I tried to align my comments with the photos, but couldn’t figure out how to do that – the extra spacing was removed upon publication! Oh well – I’m sure you can figure out what I’m talking about!

The Queen of Hearts


I like how Pluto added a bone!


Pinocchio didn’t realize he could have the full page and left room for Geppeto to sign as well.

Minnie Mouse

Minnie liked my hat – a Mickey pants ear hat with a tail sticking up out of the top. Otherwise known as a “Mickey Butt Hat” – at least by me – I doubt they were marketing it under that style name…

Mary Poppins

Mary & Bert were so fun! Mary was happy to use my red market as it was color coordinated with her Jolly Holiday dress. We agreed that color coordination was important and she said, “But there is really no excuse for Bert’s tie!”

Bert (from Mary Poppins)

Notice the chimney sweep broom!

Mad Hatter - winner of most awesome autograph!

Now how did the Mad Hatter know it was my Un-Birthday? His autograph was the most creative – and he was the most excited to have a full page!

Holiday Autograph from Goofy

Goofy added a Christmas Tree in honor of the season to his autograph – it’s the little things…


Evil Queen

The Evil Queen was magnificent in person! Very fun to watch with the children – who didn’t seem frightened of her at all! She was a great poser – always with mouth down-turned, feet turned out and a frown on her face.


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