Lazy River Time

20120130-084504.jpg We decided to spend our weekend exploring the resort and playing in the water. I was (and still am!) enamored with the Waikolohe Stream pool, also known as the lazy river. Which explains why the Osmond Brothers are singing, “Down by the Lazy River” in my head! Curse my internal soundtrack! We started the day by having breakfast at the fancy-schmancey restaurant at the resort, ‘Ama ‘Ama. I had peanut butter and banana stuffed French toast (served with both PB and dark chocolate syrups) and hubby had a Belgian waffle with pineapple compote and coconut syrup. Both were delish and the view – over looking the lagoon – was just gorgeous!

As we wandered around after breakfast, we found where the spa was located and also the “quiet pool” (supposedly adults only, but we see kids in it all the time). We headed back towards the elevator bank and decided to duck into the Disney Vacation Club offices and arrange a tour to see what the other room options look like (we are in a deluxe studio) and to ask questions. We met with Matt who took us to the one bedroom(with a really nifty Murphy bed under the flat panel TV which looked like part of the console!) – with a next door “lock through” converting it to a two bedroom – and the grand villa three bedroom which takes up an entire end of the floor. This option has a balcony that stretches across the entire space, over looking the ocean. Stunning! It had a master bedroom (king-sized bed) and two other bedrooms (2 queen-sized beds each), plus the living area had a hide-a-bed sofa and chair. I think it could sleep 13 or 14 people! Matt was very knowledgable and gave us great tips on how to best utilize our DVC points and save money. He also pointed us towards the ABC store – a local grocery/sundries/souvenir store – so we could get cheaper food options. No one ever has said that Disney is a cheap stay, but there are ways to cut corners and not break your personal bank! Thanks, Matt – you were great!
Now it was lazy river time! We slathered on the sunscreen and oozed into our swimsuits and headed on down! There is a cabana one goes to for towels and get “banded” for the day. You show your key card and they snap on a plastic wristband, a different color each day. You see kids running around with a whole rainbow of bands up their arms! We then staked out a couple of chairs in a semi-shady area (by chance, next to a whirlpool) and then went to the river. There was a choice of single tubes or doubles. Hubby grabbed a double to take down the water slide, while I hoisted myself into a single and let myself drift away on the current! There isn’t much control, so there are occasional bumper boat moments, but everyone realizes this and it is all in good fun! I went around three times – probably took about 15-20 minutes per circuit. I people watched, got splashed in the “grotto” area, squirted around another bend, and marveled at how warm and beautiful everything was! There were lifeguards on duty about every 20 feet and they were very diligent, watching each guest or group until they went to the next “sentry.” the water is only a little over 3 feet deep, but there are lots of little kids – both in and out of tubes – so its nice to see they don’t consider the area an “at your own risk” pool. I’ve always said that Disney does it right! More later…


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